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 +Construction Crew members
 +==Foreman== ​
 +He is the current leader of the Crew. He wears a bright orange safety vest and a hard hat. He has been seen using his voice projection powers to break windows and yell orders to his team. He is loud enough to be heard over a full musical concert.
 +==Crane== ​
 +Crane has the ability to stretch his limbs. This makes him useful to get to things that others cannot. His costume is a yellow jumpsuit with the word Manitowoc running up his right side. 
 +==Rebar== ​
 +Rebar is the team's strong man. He seems to have been an Olympic class weightlifter. He doesn'​t speak much. Most of the time he has ear buds on and plays some sort of loud music on them. His costume is a dark red tank top with black stretch shorts. He has dark eyes and wears his dark hair in a crew cut. 
 +==Concrete== ​
 +No one is very certain what Concrete really looks like. He has the ability to shape his body into any concrete object. He doesn'​t always work with his group. He spends a lot of time as a goose in front of an unremarkable house in the east side.
 +==Dozer== ​
 +Dozer is a huge woman who pushes people around.