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 +===== Dumpster Divers =====
 +The Dumpster Divers are generally known as thugs in the sense of the City's colorful landscape. They don't really seem to have a coherent them other than the dumpsters. And diving. Which does not make a coherent theme the way they carry it out.
 +They often rent their services as muscle for other operators in the City. There are known to be anywhere between twelve and twenty members of the group at any given time.
 +The group was formed six years ago by a team up between the Aquacontroller (Janet Hollinger) and the Power Broker (Roger Conrad). Janet has since retired from activity and Roger Conrad is the current leader of the group.
 +Team members typically wear battle wet suits and diving masks. They are often extremely strong and a common tactic is to throw dumpsters on their victims. ​