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 +===== Retired Heroes ======
 +=== Dr. Mysteriouso ===
 +Dr. Mysteriouso was a cloaked and masked hero who patrolled the streets of the city starting about ten years ago. He was well-regarded in the community and fought the good fight many times. He stopped fighting crimes about five years ago. His last public battle was with the Ice Cream Boys. It was unclear if his disappearance had anything to do with that battle. Not much else is known about him at this time.
 +=== Mountain Dew ===
 +Mountain Dew retired from public life once the soda company pulled sponsorship. They cited that the marketing capital would be better spent in other avenues. It is rumored that he moved to Atlanta.
 +=== Bruce Li ===
 +Bruce Li stopped fighting the good fight when he married and started having children. He teaches martial arts to aspiring heroes of the City at his martial arts school.