While this list is not anywhere nearly complete, it offers an overview of some of the names of those who fight for good in the City.

Captain Crunch

The Captain, as he likes to go by, is known in the hero community for wielding a large mace in combat. His colors are bright blue and he wears a large hat. His goal is to become famous enough to get cease and desist letters from a cereal company. Then he knows he's in the Big League.

Crackers McGee

Crackers is known for his wild experiments. Two years ago the scarlet attack pigeons of the City made national news. The SPCA and WWF actually teamed up to picket his laboratory. This hasn't slowed him down. Rumors say that he is currently working on a chemical to control spiders in the fight against evil.

Killer Buns

Killer, as she prefers to be known by, uses a muffin gun as her signature weapon. She is also a reputable martial artist, and would really be dangerous if she didn't insist on wearing a catwoman style outfit complete with six inch heels. It is a good thing that her looks can kill, as she can barely walk in that getup.

Mighty Bic

Mighty Bic has the ability to generate a small flame from his thumbs. He uses small explosives and firebreathing to fight evil.

Man Spider

Man Spider has the ability to control arachnids within a twenty foot radius. He can also see through their eyes within that range. He dresses in punk style with a large mohawk hairstyle with a web painted on the sides.

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is a young woman with flowing black hair. Her costume is a black and pink boxing outfit with pink boxing gloves. She has a lollypop symbol on the front and back of her shirt. She is known to be a dirty fighter and many villains give her a wide berth.