The Flying Elvii

The Flying Elvii are the City's darlings. Loved by the populace and news crews everywhere, they are always a hit. Villains put down their arms when they hear the King's music, as the Elvii are never far behind.


STEADFAST is a newer team formed up from some of the patrons to the Big Belly Burger's upstairs hangout room.

Nye Guys

The Nye Guys are science enthusiasts. They eschew morality in the pursuit of pure science. The standard uniform of the group is white lab coats and goggles. Typically, they fight with exotic weapons of their own design. Usually, these weapons work the way they expect them to.

Hitler's Boots

This is a rumored villain group. Stories abound regarding the Boots and their plots. The most aggravating thing is that they seldom leave tracks.

Much like the Loch Ness monster, they are often spotted, but never in a way that can be proven.

Construction Crew

The Construction Crew has had a rough history. Over the past ten years, most of the members have been replaced by new people due to the original members going to jail, or worse. Currently, there are five members.

The Dumpster Divers

The Dumpster Divers are a rough crowd. They tend to ambush the unsuspecting.

Extreme Sports

The Extreme Sports team is definitely not on the side of good. They are typically the worse of jocks and thugs.

Heroic Trio

The Heroic Trio are a team of women who use martial arts to fight evil.